General Terms And Conditions

1. Definitions

We have tried to make these conditions as clear and simple as possible. But for the record our definitions:

Client: King

Customization: U\Our specialty

Service: For more than 12 years

2. Identity of the entrepreneur

We are Globos. We are also:,,,

We are located in Spijkenisse (NL). We print and ship our ribbons from there. We also have postal addresses and telephone numbers in Belgium, Germany, France and the United Kingdom for our local customers over there, so they can reach us or return there order to local costs.

Here you can reach us:


Repelvoorde 14



Tel. +31 (0)181 75 11 54 or +31 (0)181 700 240


IBAN: NL53ABNA0493287868


KVK Rotterdam: 62379313

BTW: 854794888B01

College for Data Protection: 1422593

3. Applicability

We do our best to bring these general terms and conditions to your attention. Here is in what we do for you and what we expect from you. If you buy from us or have purchased of course. Otherwise, it's not applicable.

Sometimes we offer special conditions to a product. Also in that case these terms and conditions apply. If different conditions contradict each other, choose the most beneficial. We act not so hard.

4. The offer

We always tell you honestly what, when and how you can buy something, what it costs and whether you can exchange it. Promised.

5. The agreement

You do business with us online in a secure Web environment. We are working hard every day for that. If you place an order with us, you will get a confirmation by e-mail.

We add all the information and data you need at your order, but the most of it can be found on our website. It is of course useful if you keep the digital invoice.

6. Right of withdrawal

Did you unpack the product and you are not happy about it? Then you may within 14 days let us know that you want to return. After that you have another 14 days opportunity to return it. We will send you a new product or you will receive your payment back into your account within 10 days after we have received the product back. 'That's why' we also accept as reason. See also article 7 and 8 for more explanation.

7. Shipping costs in case of withdrawal

Will you send a return order as referred to in article 6? Than the shipping costs are for your own account.

8. Exclusion of the right of withdrawal

You understand that you can not return all articles:

Products specially custom made or ordered for you, we can not take back. Also the disposable heliumtanks we can not take back.

In all other cases, you can simply return to us. Just add a note with your invoice- and IBAN number and let us know if you want another article or your money back. See also article 7.

9. The price

  1. See article 4.
  2. There is no difference between the prices in our showroom and on our website.
  3. All prices include VAT unless stated otherwise.
  4. Free pick up and for normal shipping the normal PostNL shipping rates apply.
  5. What can not be send via normal post, we bring by truck or large van. This depends on the distance between you and us.

10. Compliance and Warranty

See also article 4. You are entitled to a good product, point. When there is something going on, then we solve it for you. Here we follow always the Dutch law.

11. Delivery and execution

We do our best to serve you well. There, we make a sport of.

On all our websites at every article we write the expected delivery time in working days.

As a rule: If you order something from us on weekdays before 3pm anything, you will receive it - if PostNL cooperate - the next day. We will inform you via an email message. Unless we agreed with you otherwise, we will send it out the same day. If the sending of the product takes longer, or if we can not send everything on time, you will be informed as soon as possible. At that time, you can cancel your purchase. If you have already paid in advance, you will be refunded your payment within 10 days.

If we can not deliver an ordered product you will get your money back, or we offer you a good alternative.

If a package (no envelope) is damaged or lost before it arrives at you or a designated receiver, is that our responsibility. PostNL is leading.

If your order is send on time, but delivered too due to PostNL, then there is force majeure.

Suppose there would occur a technical error, creating crazy prices on our website, we will keep a hedge. We haven't seen it before, but if it happens, we will contact you and explain to you what is going on. If you want, you can cancel your order at that time. If you have already paid, then you get your money back. Promised.

12. Payment

If we ask you to pay an amount in front, we process your order directly after receiving it. Is there something wrong with the payment details? Please let us know.

13. Complaints procedure

Do you have a complaint? Annoying.

If you have a complaint, please let us know via email. Describe your problem as clear as possible, we will do everything we can to resolve your complaint.

Together we can not find a solution?? Then we both can rely on the Dutch law.

14. Additional or different terms

These are our terms and conditions. Clearly, right? If we are going to change something in the future to these conditions, you will find that on our website. We make sure that changes do not harm you.